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Increased competition, bidding & credit challenges, cash management, and tax regulations are just a few of the demands facing the construction industry.  At Elek & Noss CPAs we strive to maximize profits while minimizing tax obligations and ensuring compliance.


We have provided assistance to many of the following issues directly related to the Construction industry:

  • Qualified Production Activity Deduction (QPAD)
  • Job Cost Accounting, Overhead, and Profitability Analysis
  • Percentage-of-Completion Revenue Recognition Issues
  • Working Capital Considerations
  • Joint Venture Accounting
  • Equipment Leasing and Depreciation Issues
  • Department of Transportation Pre-qualifications
  • Bonding Assurance Services
  • Job Cost Structure and Overhead Rates
  • Construction Contract Evaluation
  • Joint Venture Assessment
  • Production and Inventory Control
  • Workers’ Compensation Insurance Analysis
  • Audit Representation for BWC and ODJFS 
  • Fuel Tax Credit
  • State and Local Tax Consulting
  • Estimating Systems Analysis
  • Benchmarking
  • Break-even Analysis
  • Budget and Cash Flow Analysis
  • Financial Reporting Systems
  • Fraud Education and Prevention
  • Job Cost Efficiency and Profitability
  • Management Advisory Services
  • Operations & Profitability Analysis
  • Audited Financial Services
  • Tax Planning & Preparation
  • Advice on Green Building Practices

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